Misadventures in Naypyidaw: Year Three

Year three was perhaps the most surreal and my last. I spent most of it living in relative luxury at the Naypyidaw Hilton. The year was shaped by the Junta’s renewed ethnic cleansing against the Muslims in Rakhine State. My Canadian friend Lauren, initially a Peace Corps volunteer, talked me into moving in there. IContinue reading “Misadventures in Naypyidaw: Year Three”

Misadventures in Naypyidaw: Year Two

At the start of year two, the project needed fresh blood. The new staff intake were a mixed bunch. Two couples were recruited to help prevent the fractional personal issues that doomed the Residence experiment. Bill and Sharon were the classical ‘nice couple’ and more damnigly, dedicated professionals that took it all seriously.  Organisation veterans,Continue reading “Misadventures in Naypyidaw: Year Two”