Crabbing on Hua Hin Beach, Thailand (2020)

In the early days of the current social apocalypse, I managed to flee Nepal, where I had been working since 2018.

Nepal barely functioned at any appreciable level even during peak civilisation. The idea of spending the pandemic faced with its medieval infrastructure and incompetent social governance didn’t seem a winning formula for extended longevity.

I escaped into the relative civilisation of Thailand. In the early days of the pandemic, I took to walking the beaches in Hua Hin. They were deserted apart from people crabbing and the odd kite-surfer.

There were still a few farangs around; Hua Hin has a lot of retirees.

Published by Lee Russell Wilkes

Been bouncing around the world for a while taking photos. Like most people, I have gone to ground during the pandemic. Decided it was time to put some of them out in the world.

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