Two Years in Kathmandu

I have mixed feelings about Kathmandu: my first year peaked my interest enough to stay for a second; a third would have broken me. Not a Picture Postcard Kathmandu is not a beautiful city. It is dirty and polluted out of proportion to its size. Eventually, you either find it captivating or annoying. Whatever mysteryContinue reading “Two Years in Kathmandu”

Lessons from a Decade of Travelling

I was awaiting the departure of my plane. My phone rang; my mum’s departing words were ‘Don’t bring back a girl that does the ping-pong ball trick’. One of us had no illusions of what awaited; it wasn’t me, clearly. That call now approaches it’s ten-year anniversary, COVID sees me staying a kilometre from whereContinue reading “Lessons from a Decade of Travelling”