I was the victim of a candid sketch artist.

I was busy minding my own business recently, typing away in a Starbucks – yes, I am aware it is a cliche – but here in Thailand the air-con is always welcome. On the edge of my sight I noticed a Thai man nervously clutching his Ipad and making motions in my direction. His female companion was egging him on.

He held the tablet up so I could see what it was. My usual experience of this is some poor homeless wretch showing off his 1970s body-hair porn collection and sneering like a comedy letch. But no! It held wonders.

Without decrying the individual’s talent which is obviously considerable, I truly help that isn’t how I look to the outside world. Wonderful drawing though and I admire how well he captured me given he had sat behind me the whole time.

So, this is me, in my comedy glory. The truth is far worse, I assure you.